The Complete Herb Garden Kit

The Complete Herb Garden Kit

The Complete Herb Garden


The Complete Herb Garden kit contains one each of the following 12 herbs at a near 17% savings. If you love a garden to cook with, then you'll love this complete herb garden kit of over 1900 fresh seeds.

Basil - Italian Large Leaf
Cilantro - Slow Bolt
Dill - Bouquet
Endive - Green Curled Ruffic
Fennel - Florence
Parsley - Italian Flat Leaf
Purslane - Green
Sage - Broad Leaved
Savory - Summer
Sorrel - Large Leaf
Thyme - Common

Watch the panel on the right column of this site, where you will soon find a guide to what these fresh herbs are best suited for, and more information.  As we  evolve, we are adding a lot of new stuff all of the time.  Sorry, No substitutions permitted.


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