Pepper Hungarian Sweet Yellow

Pepper Hungarian Sweet Yellow
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  • Features: Named for its banana-like shape, this variety bears sweet, mild peppers that mature from yellow, to orange, and then to crimson red. Plants fruit prolifically, easily producing 25 to 30 pods per plant.
  • Maturity: Matures in 75 days / pepper is 10 to 15cm (4??-6??) long
  • Light: Plant in full sun.
  • Soil and water: Keep peppers evenly moist but not wet particularly when blossoms appear and fruit begin to form. Soil that goes too dry can result in flower drop. Add aged compost to planting beds before planting and again at midseason.
  • Spacing: Space plants about 45 cm (18??) apart in rows 75 cm (30??) apart
  • Height:
  • Growing tips: Companion plants include beets, garlic, onions, parsnips, radishes. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers which will create large leafy plants with few or no fruits. High temperatures and wind can cause flowers to drop and plants not to set fruit.
  • Garden use: Great for containers and garden beds or raised beds.
  • Culinary use: This pepper is great for frying, pickling, and is an excellent choice to make pepper rings for sandwiches.
  • Approx. 55 Seeds/Pkg.

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