Bean Gold Rush Bush

Bean Gold Rush Bush
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60 days. The wax Bean is a great choice for those just starting out as gardeners, since these are easy plants to grow that require little care. In addition to producing crisp Beans, this bush-type plant gives vibrant, light yellow pods that make a great accent piece in a garden. With this particular variety, the pods grow in clusters close to the stalk, so they are easy to pick. Approx. 20 Seeds/Pkg.


Start by sowing the seeds directly outside, one inch deep in soil when the soil temperature is above sixty degrees and frost has passed. Leave about four to six inches between plants, in rows two to three feet wide. While growing, give these plants one inch of water a week, and water as close to the root as possible; getting the leaves wet can lead to disease which can harm the plant and affect the yield. The beans will be ready to harvest after about fifty to sixty days, when the pods are smooth and firm.

Also known as Rustproof Golden Wax Bean, this flavorful crop will yield bright waxy beans that contrast against the green foliage. Regular harvesting will ensure a greater yield. These wax beans are not only easier to locate on the plant because of its hue, but they also grow together in clusters, making harvesting just that much easier. Start seeds 1 to 2 weeks after the last spring frost.


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