A Lot In The Box Garden Seeds New

A Lot In The Box Garden Seeds
A Lot In The Box is a whole lot of seeds.  What you get is one of every $1.00 package of seeds we sell here on our site, (over 215 packages as of 01/15/17). You get all of our Flowers, Herbs, Sprouting and Vegetable seeds.  This is the Ultimate Home Gardening Kit.  Flowers to fill your vases. Sprouts to grow inside. More than a Complete Herb Garden Kit. Plus more than the Ultimate Garden Kit.  You'll be eating fresh food all season long, and have flowers in the vase during those dinners.  I could put a seed count to this, but those numbers will change with each new addition.  We will simply grab a box, and walk our seed rooms from end to end and give you one of each variety we presently have in stock.  This is easily a 30% savings from individual seed packets.  The best part, is that we will also cover any associated S&H.  If you have a local community garden you want to support, just give them one of these boxes.  That is what I do for every worthy cause I support.

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