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3 Sisters Garden Pack

3 Sisters Garden Pack
Just in time for the Holiday Season, we're introducing the 3 Sisters Stocking Stuffer.  It has long been an Indian tradition to plant these three plants together to help each other grow better.  The corn gives the beans a tower to grow on. The beans help anchor the corn to keep it from being blown over by the wind. The squash covers the ground to block out weeds and help retain the moisture in the soil.  The beans also help put needed nitrogen back into the soil. At the end of the growing season, all of the 3 Sisters are mulched back into the soil to add organic matter for the following year.

Our 3 Sisters Stocking Stuffer is made up of one package each of the following:
Bean-Kentucky Wonder Pole
Corn-Silver Queen Hybrid
Squash-Spaghetti Vegetable

These 3 packs are then placed into a larger pack that comes with a Christmas Label so you can add the To: and From: so everyone knows who gave them such a nice stocking stuffer.

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