Welcome to DollarSeed

We now have over 210 varieties available!


Great news to our friends to the North!

We are now shipping to both Canada and the UK, thanks to a relaxation of the rules and regulations.

DollarSeed has been providing high quality fresh seeds to fellow home gardeners.

As the "Little Guy", we are small enough to grow with you.

If you are looking for GMO Seeds, you won't find them here. We specialize in Organic, Heirloom and Hybrid Open Pollinated Flower, Herb, Sprouting and Vegetable seed varieties.

Welcome to our Brand New Store for 2017

Due to increases in our costs of packaging and shipping, we have been forced to raise our shipping rates. Our new minimum shipping rate has been raised to $2.75

What we do

We use a lot of our proceeds to help feed the needy all over the US, by supplying pantry growers with free seeds.

Our end of season packaged seeds are donated to the Cornell Cooperative Extension's Outreach Program to teach school aged children sustainable living methods.

We also offer custom labeling for fund raising, resellers and group activities.

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